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Filmmaker. Storyteller. 

Hi there! Thanks for stopping by!


My name is Paul Del Vecchio (not the guy from Jersey Shore so please, no Jersey Shore jokes… ok, fine… you’re allowed just one).


I’m an award-winning Director, Writer, and Producer. My film “The Final Day” was the Grand Prize Winner in the “Diary of the Dead” contest from Legendary filmmaker George A. Romero (“Night of the Living Dead”). What an honor that was! 


Having worked as a professional DP on independent feature films as well as Editor/Colorist on high end promos, commercials, and independent features, I have a strong understanding of exactly what coverage is needed to maximize the emotion of a scene while simultaneously being able to stay on schedule. Having a strong understanding of VFX, I know how to use that to the advantage of the film to maximize time on set and make the film look more expensive all while staying within budget.


Being flexible while still maintaining the vision of the film as well as working with actors and making them feel comfortable are skills I know intimately from years of producing independent films under limiting conditions. Plus, having the thumbs up approval of horror legend George A. Romero doesn’t hurt, right?

Why do I do so much, you ask? Well, it makes me a better Director. I come from the Robert Rodriguez school of filmmaking where I like to get my hands dirty in all aspects of filmmaking so I have a better understanding of what each department faces daily so I can understand their needs.


My love for the process of filmmaking makes me want to collaborate in all departments… expect maybe craft services… I’ll leave the cooking to the experts… although my Chicken Marsala is pretty decent I’ve been told.





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