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  • Paul Del Vecchio

"IN THE DARKNESS" Short Horror Film

In The Darkness is my new short horror film, Directed by me of course! This one was a lot of fun and I hope you enjoy it, and all the behind the scenes stuff I've released so far! Check it out!

A young woman is stalked by an evil presence.

Directed by Paul Del Vecchio

Produced by Elke Blasi & Paul Del Vecchio Cinematography by Paul Del Vecchio Gaffer: Bobby Sullivan

Colorist: Paul Del Vecchio VFX: Paul Del Vecchio

Here's the first BTS breakdown, which is a general BTS of the entire film:

Here's another BTS Breakdown for creating reflections in Cinema 4D to composite in After Effects.

And finally, part of the the reflection compositing breakdown - Compositing Cinema 4D generated reflections in After Effects.

Other short horror:

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