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  • Paul Del Vecchio

BACARDI Promo Breakdown

Here is a lighting breakdown for you guys and gals on this BACARDI promo.

Basically, it’s 2 Flo tubes turned vertically so I could get the nice edge reflection on both sides of the liquid and on the bottle and glass.. You can see the long white line on both sides of the liquid. The lights were about 45 degrees to the side and behind the scene. The top light adds overall ambiance without adding a frontal reflection. You can see the effects on the bottle especially (in the blurred background). In case you were wondering… the Bacardi was poured into a bowl so we could funnel it back into the bottle if we needed to do another take. :)

We shot this on the Red Dragon-X at 6K and 5K WS for some of the slow motion shots at 120fps. Graded in Resolve.

I hope this helps! If you like this and think it can be useful to others, please share!

Here's the lighting diagram:

Here are some BTS grabs.

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