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Today, I'm releasing Part 3 of the tutorial series about how I accomplished this Parking Garage Ceiling Collapse VFX shot for one of my short films. The VFX were done in #3DSMax with #TyFlow and #Vray.

Here is the final part - PART 3 - of the tutorial series PARKING GARAGE CEILING COLLAPSE:

Here's are parts 1 and 2 if you missed them:

Also, as I mentioned before, I've create 2 other quick tutorials on carving up the mesh using TyFlow's "TyCarve" modifier, texturing with a Multi Sub-Object, and texturing with displacement using a Multi Sub-Texture. We'll need to understand that before moving on to the Parking Garage Ceiling Collapse tutorials.

So... here they are:

If these help you at all, please LIKE, SUBSCRIBE, and SHARE so that I can continue making these types of videos and sharing my breakdowns with you all.

Also, please keep in mind that this is not THE DEFACTO method of accomplishing this effect. This is how I personally accomplished it for my short film. If you have a better method, that's amazing and I would love to hear it. Please share with the community so that we can all learn! Comment below or on the Youtube Video!

Stay tuned because there will be more coming soon! Next week, we'll cover how I did my own version of The Last of Us title sequence inspired by the titles in the recently released trailer.

I'll also be releasing a tutorial on how I use Perspective Plotter - a new Blender add-on that integrates a Camera Perspective matcher directly inside of Blender - no need for an external program like FSpy! What a time saver!

Until then.... ✌️

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