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  • Paul Del Vecchio


Today I'm launching part one of a tutorial series about how I accomplished this Parking Garage Ceiling Collapse VFX shot for one of my short films. The VFX were done in #3DSMax with #TyFlow and #Vray.

Here is PART ONE of the tutorial series PARKING GARAGE CEILING COLLAPSE:

Before we dive into that tutorial, however, I've create 2 other quick tutorials on carving up the mesh using TyFlow's "TyCarve" modifier, texturing with a Multi Sub-Object, and texturing with displacement using a Multi Sub-Texture. We'll need to understand that before moving on to the Parking Garage Ceiling Collapse tutorial.

So... here they are:


I really hope these help. Please keep in mind that this is not THE DEFACTO method of accomplishing this effect. This is how I personally accomplished it for my short film. If you have a better method, that's amazing and I would love to hear it. Please share with the community so that we can all learn!

If you like this video or it has helped you, please give it a like, subscribe, and share on Youtube so I can keep bringing you videos like this. Stay tuned because there will be more coming soon! Part 2 is dropping next week!

Until then.... ✌️

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