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  • Paul Del Vecchio

Lighting Breakdown - Shadows and Contrast - "The Last Deal" Short Film

This is a Lighting Breakdown for a high contrast, shadowy look. I also go over a few things in Color Correction and Color Grading to achieving this look in Davinci Resolve.

Personally, I don't like too much "post contrast" or "post production contrast" so getting the contrast correct on set with the lighting is a must. This is how I would accomplish this look on my own projects.

Some other videos where I show how I would accomplish different looks:

Beauty Lighting Breakdown and Color Correction Beauty Grading Breakdown

Green Shadows/Warm Mids

Color Correction on our short film "Reception"

Our short film "Reception"

The tools used here:

Camera - Ursa Mini Pro -

Davinci Resolve Studio -

Film Convert -

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